Name: Moses Harris
Given Name: Moses
Surname: Harris
NPFX: Captain
Sex: M
Birth: 30 MAY 1717 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT
Death: 20 MAR 1807 in Kingsbury, Washington County, NY
Ancestral File #: RNW9-BW

Moses Harris served in the militia of New York. He was born in England, came to this country, 1755, and located in Dutchess Co., NY

...from the Glens Falls, NY Post Star Newspaper, February 26, 1932.
This historical article deals mostly about Moses Harris, Jr. but inclues the following about his father Moses Harris, Sr. and brother Gilbert:

"...Gilbert Harris, a brother of Moses Harris, Sr., ... established a farm which became known as the 'Thousand Apple Tree Farm.' Here the two brothers lived with their families, until after the invasion of Burgoyne from the North."

"Moses Harris, Sr., then moved in the vicinity of Kattskill Bay, near Cedar Landing, where he built a log house. [NOTE: Kattskill Bay is about six miles up the eastern coast line from Lake George Village, Lake George, NY.] While working one day in a field near his home, he heard his son, William, yell for help. Moses hurried home in time to see an Indian skulking back into the brush and his son running to the house. After questioning the lad, then 14 years old, the father found out that the Indian was trying to kidnap the boy.

Going into the house for his gun, his wife appealed to him not to commit murder, but he would not listen, and was seen going into the deep forest back of the house . It was not long when the little family heard a single shot. After being gone a half hour, the man
returned, and although the members of his family questioned him closely, he never told, but it was always believed that he killed the Indian and buried him in the swamp at the foot of the mountain." [NOTE: the mountain was probably Pilot Knob]

(He probably didn't know it but he married his 4th cousin, 1 time removed: their common ancestor was Dorothy Bigod. Now think perhaps neither related to Dorothy Bigod.)

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Father: Daniel HARRIS b: 2 OCT 1688 in Middletown, Mddlsx., CT
Mother: Abigail MERRIMAN b: 1 FEB 1685 in Wallingford, N-Hvn, CT

Marriage 1 Dorothy WEST b: 9 AUG 1722 in Windsor, Hartford County, CT
Married: 20 MAR 1746 in Goshen, Litchfield, CT


  • William HARRIS b: 1752 in Goshen, Litchfield, CT
  • Moses H. HARRIS b: 19 NOV 1749 in Goshen, Litchfield, CT
  • Joseph HARRIS b: 18 MAY 1751 in Cornwall, CT
  • Rhoda HARRIS b: 11 FEB 1762 in Kingsbury, Washington County, New York
  • John HARRIS b: AFT 1750
  • Boy HARRIS b: ABT 1755
  • Girl HARRIS b: AFT 1763
  • Girl HARRIS b: AFT 1765